A Window to the World of Missions

“Pied Piper International” Jerry Tibbetts

Why I Do What I Do

In God’s word we are given the great commission – go ye into all the world starting right in your  own neighborhood.

I have worked with children for the last 30 years.  I have been blessed to be in missions since 1998.

God has instilled within my heart a passion for children.  I participate in a camp once a year, that I am most passionate about.  It is a camp for abused and neglected kids.  ( Royal Family Kids Camp )

In March 2012,  I was a part of a team that went to Guatemala.  We were working in the mountains near Jalapa,  Guatemala.  Our mission consisted of going from house to house,  inviting people to church doing medical clinics and working with children.

In May,  I was in Columbia, Brazil.  We worked with the local pastors there.  We were able to bless one of the pastors there,  by rebuilding a portion of the kitchen, as well as providing needed kitchen items. We also walked a mile into the jungle to help this same pastor carry timber out of the jungle.

We were blessed to work with Clouber,  an awesome God led man.  He married a Ticuna princess.  They have three children,  two girls and a boy.  Clouber runs a feeding station for up to 300 children. They get schooling in the bible as well. We worked around his compound doing various works.

Our last project was clearing a site in the jungle in preparation for building an orphanage and multi use site.

In November I was again in Guatemala. I worked at an orphanage se llama Casa Angelina. I worked on a backhoe moving dirt. We also did a lot of planting (landscaping), and some painting as well as worked there with children. Christmas gifts were bought for all of the children.

We worked at another location a short distance from Antigua, building classrooms for children that would otherwise not have schooling.

Jerry Tibbetts

Pied Piper International Missions


 Philippine Mission


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