A Window to the World of Missions


Pastors Al & Helen CambraAbout Global Mission

Equipping, informing, and transforming


What is Global Mission:

Global Mission is a 501c3 public charity.  Global Mission has brought together individuals of all ages who have taken Christ’s mission statement as a matter  of personal obedience and relate it directly into their lives.  God is using and equipping ordinary people to go and do extraordinary things by participating in mission trips and mission projects in our state, country, across boarders and oceans.

Global Mission also offers a networking and covering for the development of new ministries.

Global Mission foundation: 

Global Mission was birthed from Pastors/ missionaries Al and Helen Cambra’s passion to see Christians of all ages in our churches equipped and released into the divine destiny that God has given them.  To put tools and opportunities in their hands and challenge them to respond to the “GO YE” call.

Acts 1:8:  “we will be witness in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria, and to the uttermost part of the earth.”

After 20 years of developing Teen Challenge of Idaho, their vision began to expand  beyond what they had been doing in Teen Challenge.  They turned over the Teen Challenge ministry to new directors.  This released  them to pursue the development of Global Mission Ministry Center.

God had been speaking to them since the early 90’s that they would be traveling and training.  1998 the first door opened to travel to Guatemala for the first time. The first two trips were as part of a team. From there, they led and developed teams for ministry.

Their National Home Mission assignment was changed from Teen Challenge to Intercultural Home Missionaries with the Assemblies of God. Al and Helen have been part of the Associate Pastoral staff with Central Assembly Christian Life Center in Boise, Idaho since 1980.

Helen has traveled into Mexico, Guatemala, Russia – Siberia, Romania – Holland, Nigeria and India .  Al has traveled into Mexico, Guatemala and Nigeria.

Boise, Idaho 83713  U.S.A

v  Home Church: Boise, Idaho  … Central Assembly Christian Life Center

v  District:  Assembly of God Southern Idaho District, Nampa, Idaho

v  National:  Intercultural Home Mission … Springfield, Missouri


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