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sewing centers


Marie’s Sewing Center is okey, you may not know what God is using you to do to eradicate poverty in the Rural Areas in Nigeria.

We have the Centers in the following locations:

  1.  Tse – Gwaza
  2.  Naka
  3.  Konshishia


After the last Rural Outreach, some of our Leaders from some States in the far North that were in attendance, place request for 1. Bauchi State and 2. Gombe State all in the North, location dominated by widows mostly whose husbands were victims of the deadly terrorist attack.

Other Areas who pleaded that opportunity be giving to their Women and Girls child to partake in the Skills acquisition program are:

  1. Otukpo
  2.  Onyagede
  3.  Gunduma
  4. Ihugh.


We are praying and believing that God grant them favour in the sight of many to enable their desire come into place.


So we have 6 vital locations including the 2 hot beds of the terrorist activities in Nigeria to have Marie’s Sewing Center.

This projects aught to be government program, but since they are less concern, God is using you, your family and the GMMC to do them.


Mum, the setting up of the Centers really helped the Rural meetings, the last days Traditional Rural came from some Villages to attend the meeting. We plan that we will go round in 2nd Week of September to officially open them and Name the Centers, where we will invite Political, Religious and Traditional Leaders to grace the Events.


This week Friday,2 Leaders will be coming to Abuja to collect our financial assistance for the Roofs of the 10 New Churches, so that fellowship can commence immediately.


If things work well, I will also get the Sowing and Granding Machines for the Remaining Centers  send to them, so that 2nd week of September, we will go round, Name the centers and commission them for take off.


I am preparing a nice portable Jotters, for GMMC partners, with some projects you helped done in Nigeria.

Also, we will come out with Brochures for the Marie’s Sowing Centers, infos and pictures will be on them, this will be out after we set up the remaining Centers.

Government, People and Organization need to know what GMMC is doing in Africa.






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